Maintaining Your Chimney

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The chimney is a very important part of your home and requires maintenance in order for it to work effectively and safely. But before you get to work assessing the state of your chimney, it's best to start with the basics. First find out about the parts of a chimney and what they do.

Now that you can talk fluently about chimney caps, the chimney liner and chimney pots, you can learn how to clean a chimney (or, you can chat confidently with your local chimney sweep).

Learn some chimney maintenance in five easy steps. This indispensable information will arm you with important home maintenance knowledge. For instance, if you sniff something sour coming from your fireplace, you could have a creosote build up.

Lastly, find out how to do some easy chimney repairs from fixing crumbling mortar to rebuilding a deteriorating crown.