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Above Ground Pool Deck

If you have an above ground pool sitting all alone in the middle of your lot, it probably looks like a pathetic big, round and white soup bowl. Above ground pools can seem difficult to dress-up or landscape around, but above ground pool decks give pools some sense of belonging and purpose to your home.

There are typically three main designs of above ground pool decks: the Entry Platform, the Decks on One Side, and the All Around Deck. Check with your local hardware store to see if they will give you any kind of brochures of deck plans. These above ground pool deck plan will make that pools more accessible and enjoyable. Most companies will have instructions for very simple and easy to build decks to the more elaborate.

Each plan may include step-by-step instructions, pictures of critical steps, and two bills of material. One bill of material is for the gross lumber order, the second will help you cut the material to length, minimizing waste. Don't waste your time developing what you can purchase for only a few dollars. When you have a dimensioned plan, complete bill of materials and instructions, you will complete the project faster and will less aggravation.

The Entry Platform is small deck or entry platform to provide easy entry and exit from your above ground pool. Works great against any pools profile. The depth the pool protrudes into the deck can be varied to meet your needs. The Decks On One Side is slightly larger for the pool, allowing more room for chairs, tables and other related activities. Works great for all shapes and sizes of pools. The All Around Deck allows for any size and shape of pool and provides access to the entire pool with plenty of roomfor chairs, tables and activity areas.

These deck ideas for your above ground pool will make that big, white soup bowl look like an extension of your home and you will feel connected to your home, and family as well.