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Composite Deck

When you think of building adeck the first thing that always pops into your mind is building a woodendeck. However, going the traditionalroute may not be the best idea. Afterall, we did manage to send human beings to the Moon; you’d think we’d be ableto make a deck out of something more durable than wood.

New building composite decksare made out of a revolutionary variety of cellulose materials that includeoak, virgin polyethylene instead of recycled materials. This combination of wood and plasticenhances the look and feel of composite decks.

Other benefits of the composite deck material are the non-skid andsplinter free durability. You willnever have to stain or re-stain every couple of years. So your deck will look like new every year,instead of after you just stained it.

Theother great thing about the composite deck is the variety of color andstyle. You can choose a design thatwill perfectly match your house from day one, instead of experimenting withdifferent stains that will change color after a short time.

Youwill be able to avoid that patchy look that often plagues stained decks. Composite decks are, is nothing else,consistent.

Theyalso fade far less than traditional wood decks. As we all know, the sun does not stay still, as it moves acrossyour deck over the course of the day, some places will get more sun thanothers. This can led to unevenfading. A composite deck will stay thesame even color no matter what side of the property it is on.Composite decks also distribute heat evenly. If you have ever stepped out onto your deck in the middle of the day, inthe middle of the summer heat you know it can be a little uncomfortable on yoursensitive souls (of your feet). Composite decks are designed to disperse heat. They still stay warm, but not uncomfortably so.

Compositedecks may seem more expensive at first, but when you consider all of the moneyyou will save on staining and sanding, you’ll realize that it is a greatinvestment.