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Deck Benches

Benches add functionality to your backyard space. Installing a great deck bench can be fairly cheap. If you are one of those ambitious DIY'ers you can expect to pay about $1,500 on supplies, leaving the rest of the labor up to you. It can be a tough task, though, and you might not get the results you are looking for unless you have strong carpentry skills. You might consider installing a deck box. Some deck boxes have a double function; they can be used for seating as well as storage.

For instance, rounding off the edges of the bench will make them infinitely more comfortable, but it requires some skill and, of course, the proper tools. If you are short on time and long on cash, you can get professional installation for around $6,000.

When you start planning your benches, think about how they will integrate with the rest of your house. Do you want to create booths for eating, a semi-circle for entertaining or a combination of both?

You will also need to decide whether you want free-standing benches that you can remove and protect during the winter, or anchored benches that will provide support all year round.

Your options when building the deck bench are many, but there are always some basic ground rules you should follow no matter what kind of deck benches you are installing.

Remember to Leave One-Inch Gaps
If you want privacy, be sure to make the back of the benches high. If you wish to gaze at the scrupulous splendor of your expert landscaping, then build the backs a little lower. Be sure to build deck benches with small inch-wide gaps to prevent water from pooling. This also lets the air circulate so on a hot summer's day, the benches do not become too uncomfortably to sit on.

Use Bolts for Safety's Sake
Because a deck bench is designed to support a person's full weight, be sure to use bolts, not just nails. We all know that people come in all shapes and sizes; it would be a shame to spend your summer sitting on court benches fighting your way through a bitter personal injury lawsuit!