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Deck Design

Deck Design

Today,more and more people are increasingly bringing their daily lives outdoors. Asevidence, see the garden rooms and gazebos, courtyards and spas springing up innew construction across the country.

Want to join the latest green movement? First, identify your outdoorlifestyle. Do you want your outdoor spaces informal or formal, intimate oroutgoing? Next, work with your architect, builder, or landscaper to blend yourneeds with the world around your house. On the following pages you'll findseven elements to upgrade outdoor living spaces.

Homeowners want options fortheir deck. They want to create spaces that reflect their own tastes andstyles. You want a deck design for a distinctive deck railing product, one thatoffers the look and charm of wrought iron without the cost or maintenance.

Ifyou have the right site, nothing is more charming or inviting than a coveredporch or porch room. Depending on where it's located, a porch can welcomevisitors to your front door or provide a morning or afternoon retreat from thebusy world. Bring on the lemonade.

Whetheran intimate hideaway off the master bedroom or an outdoor dining area for thewhole family, patios can be as private or public as you want.

Infuseyour patio with personality and flavor by treating it as an outdoor room. Forexample, besides soothing sound, the trickling fountain creates a focal pointin the photo shown here.

Featuresto consider: Built-in seating cuts down on clutter. Landscape lighting andoutdoor stereo speakers help set the mood. A small fireplace can hold theevening chill at bay.

Notquite as confining or defined as a gazebo, a pergola provides shade andoverhead interest to any outdoor area. You can hang baskets, lights, windchimes, and more from the structure, or train vines to grow up and around it. Apergola can be attached to the house, or featured as a separate structure.

Featuresto consider: Even without plants, placing overhead boards closer together orusing wider boards increases the amount of shade a pergola provides.