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Deck Furniture

Your deck or patio has never looked better, except there is nothing on it. Besides, you can't have a deck without anywhere to sit or relax!

There's a whole slew of patio furniture available at any home hardware store. From chairs to loungers and from to swings to tables, the types and variety of patio furniture is vast. But more importantly, you will want quality furniture that will take a beating and keep on seating!

For a more leisurely environment, look for some lazy rockers, porch swings or love seats. These items will turn your deck into your own retreat. And for the kids, how about a small, antique style picnic table to sit at? Again, the options are endless.

There are hundreds of different kinds of patio furniture, with a ever-growing range of materials and styles to choose from. Some popular choices include plastic, wood, wrought iron, bamboo, and wicker.


Best Kinds of Timber
Cedar is one of the tried, tested, and true varieties of wood for patio and deck furniture. Its colour, appearance, and quality make it perfect for large chairs, especially Adirondack and Muskoka chairs. However, for those of you who are tired of cedar, there are a number of other woods to try out. Pine, mahogany, and teak are all enjoying continued popularity amongst patio and deck owners. As these woods require minimal care and are able to withstand severe weather conditions they are often a perfect addition to the patio or deck. For those who are concerned about the continued threat of deforestation, it is possible to buy wood from manufacturers who get materials from renewable sources.  

Apply a Water Sealant
Wooden patio and deck furniture should be treated with a water sealant. Over exposure can cause the wood to break down or even rot. It is especially important to treat wooden deck furniture before storing it outside for the winter season.

Plastic Materials
Plastic patio furniture is widely available. Most plastic consists of resin, which is formed from plastic and mineral products and moulded into a variety of shapes. Colour can be added during the moulding of the resin - the most common colours are dark green and white.

Resin patio furniture has a number of positives. Resin is durable yet lightweight, so it is easy to move, yet stands up to practically any task. Resin furniture is often stackable, so storage is rarely an issue. Resin furniture is also simple to care for and very inexpensive to purchase. Popular resin pieces include patio chairs, dining sets, and tables.


Wrought-Iron Furniture
Wrought iron furniture adds a touch of style and sophistication to any deck or patio. Wrought iron benches, chairs, and tables are reminiscent of the parks and cafes of the Mediterannean. As a result, wrought iron is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst patio users. Wrought iron furniture can be made entirely out of wrought iron, or with just a few wrought iron accents. Either way, it is great choice for today's patio users.

Check Out Garage Sales
Keep in mind that you don't have to go to a hardware store to get the furniture you want. Spring and summer is garage sale season and patio furniture is a popular item for sale – often at bargain prices. Even furniture that looks beaten up can become a prized possession if you have the gumption to do some handy work of your own.