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Deck Lighting

One of the best ways to create atmosphere, feel and depth, is through the use of lighting. Photographers and film makers know the value of lighting, and they have been using lighting to set tone and composition so what the audience sees is truly a work of art.

Your relationship to your landscape is the same. Through the use of proper and effective lighting, you can make your deck appear stage-like. And unlike film or photographs, the lighting itself becomes part of the landscape – use this to your advantage and have lights that look attractive as well as function well.

Decks are often used more at night than in the day. When you install deck lighting, you will increase the time you spend on your outdoor deck and patio and will also bring out the beauty of the deck. Deck lighting will also add to the safety around the deck.

When it comes to deck lighting options, there are tons available to you!

  • step lights
  • low voltage deck lighting
  • line voltage deck lighting
  • path lights
  • pendants
  • column lights
  • outdoor wall lights

Deck Lighting Tips
You should try to avoid deck lighting glare atall costs. To do so, you should hide the source of the light as much as possible; opt for indirect lighting by choosing light fixtures that have hoods over them.

When choosing deck lighting, remember that deck accent lighting should be used so that it's functional (you can make your way around your deck), but that it doesn't over light the area. It's a good idea to experiment a bit with outdoor lighting fixtures before you install them; this will let you get a better feel for how much light you want to use.

There are some lighting manufacturers that provide color filters that create a moon lighting effect; this will make your lighting look more natural.

Avoid concentrating lighting on certain areas; this occurs when light in a certain area is intense compared to its neighboring areas. The trick behind good deck lighting is that lighting effects must be soft and appealing.

There are several areas that may be hazardous without proper lighting, such as level changes, steps, water features and paths. Be sure to light these areas.

Before you begin construction, take deck lighting fixtures into consideration; doing so will enable you to incorporate the lights into the plan in the most effective manner.