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Deck Plan

Deck Plan

The perfect place to relaxon a hot summer's day is probably one of the most important things for anyserious homeowner. We all want a placewhere we can BBQ, sit down, entertain and even enjoy a little bit of shade.

To maximize the potential ofthis undertaking you are going to need the right plan to get the job done. This means choosing the right deck plan tocompliment your home, suit the needs of your family and fit into your budget.

Here are some examples ofplanned decks that are sure to at least give you some ideas on how to plan thatperfect deck.

Casual Curved Deck
This deck is small and almost seems to spill outfrom your back door. Perfect forBarbequing, the casual curved deck is not really designed for entertainingor spending a lot of time there.

Split Level Deck
If you have a large house, or a house on a slopethis deck is perfect. With arailed top portion, those in the upstairs will have access to the patiostyle top, while a steep staircase connects this to a ground levelterrace.

Contemporary Curved Deck
While not for everyone, this deck represents thepinnacle of design plan. Spillingout from your back door much like the casual curved deck, the contemporarydeck takes it one step further. Imagine the casual curved deck with an added layer that flows inany direction of your yard like an organism. It is often used in odd shaped spaces and properties withlarge open spaces.

Easy Corner Deck
The easy corner deck is designed to link theside entrance of your home with the back yard. A narrow strip of deck leads from the side door, around thehouse and links up with the back deck.

Easy Raised Deck
This is the deck plan that you remember fromyour childhood. Raised severalfeet from the ground, the easy raised deck plan is angular andsimple. It is a very popularchoice for people who know exactly what they want out of their deck. A relaxing shady place that will notflood.