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Deck Railing

It is very uncommon to see a modern deck without some sort of railing surrounding it. With that said, it is surprising how many people see the railing on their deck as an afterthought.

Well it isn't an afterthought at all. If you want your deck to live up to its full potential as a relaxing beautiful sanctuary that is also safe, you should read this article for ideas on how to maximize and realize the potential of your deck railings.

Iron Rods
While railings can be beautiful, they are also a great safety measure. If you have small children or a loved one with balance problems, you should seriously consider the type of deck railing you will install. Iron rods are a poor choice for new families as young children won't be able to resist trying to squeeze through the cracks.

If you do not have young children, iron rods are a great choice. As we all know, wood rots after some time while iron does not. A wooden deck railing may not be able to support the weight of several adults when they are leaning against it with all their weight.

In fact, just recently I was at an event where a gentleman who was slightly inebriated leaned against a wooden deck railing only to have it collapse, sending him tumbling to the ground. It was a nasty spill that resulted in a broken arm. An iron guard rail would surely have prevented this accident.

Safety aside, deck railings can be as beautiful as they are practical. A deck railing can also be a great place to rest colourful planter boxes. Being raised, they may receive more sunlight and rain and could flourish. Plus, this lovely accent acts as a colorful crown on your deck!

Latticed Deck Railing
A latticed deck railing is also a great place to grow ivy and even grape vines. It is a truly magical feeling to sit out on your deck shaded by lush green plants.

As far as material goes, wood and iron have already been mentioned as these are the two traditional and most common materials for deck railings. However, thanks to engineering, vinyl and Plexiglas are rapidly becoming a favorite option.

Vinyl Deck Railings
Vinyl deck railings are sturdy. They come in any color and they last three times longer than wood. They also don't split or splinter.

Plexiglas is probably the best new option. It last longer than vinyl and wood and it provides a near seamless view of your property. It almost looks like you don't have a railing at all. Plus, since there is no way to squeeze through the rails, it is safe for young children.