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Deck Repairs

One of the most common problems with decks is their susceptibility to wood rot. Poor weather can cause wood to have mildew build-up, which in turn makes the wood very fragile. And while this is due to Mother Nature, there are some things you can do to avoid wood rot. This will also help to limit the time you spend making deck repairs.

Oil it Up
Apply oil in minor instances and in moderate instances, you might have to fill holes with non-epoxy based wood filler like matchwood. For more extensive damage, you may have to rebuild the deck or just the affected areas.

Inspect Your Deck
Another major problem is fastening – a problem that comes more from laziness than anything. How many times have you leaned against a rail and noticed it wobble? This is highly unsafe and it only takes a few minutes to hammer in some nails and properly anchor your railings and steps. Taking these precautions will ensure that you don't end up clutching your arm while waiting in the emergency room at the hospital.

Every spring, make a careful inspection of your deck to determine which repairs may be required.

  • Check your railings. Are they solidly fastened throughout the entire deck?
  • How is the surface of your deck? You want to look for splinters and algae.
  • What needs replacing?

Make A List
Once you have inspected your entire deck thoroughly, you can create a list of "To-Do" tasks to get your deck in top shape. Don't forget to include the required materials for each job on your list. Now all you need is a pleasant weekend, some safety gear (goggles are always a must!) and a friend or two to get the job done faster.

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