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DIY Deck Plans For Your Home

If you've ever been lured into a supposedly simple DIY home improvement project that turned into an expensive nightmare, then you'll appreciate the the folks at deckplans.com who offer you free deck plans with easy-to-follow instructions. Their plans are geared towards homeowners who want to build their own decks easily and affordably.

Finding the Perfect Deck Plan

When considering online deck plans, choose a plan that calls for:

  • DIY-friendly materials, such as Dek-Block concrete foundation piers, which eliminate the need for digging holes and pouring concrete. Deckplans.com highlights the use of these concrete piers in all their deck plans, which means you can start building your deck sooner and forget about renting a digging machine or waiting for the cement delivery truck.
  • Low maintenance composite decking, which can save you time and money over the long haul. Unlike real wood decking, composite decking products don't need to be sanded and refinished every few years.
  • Hidden deck fasteners, which can give your new deck a professional looking finish. The benefit of using hidden deck fasteners is that you don't have to set screws through the exposed face of the decking board, which can prolong the life of your decking material.
  • Simple and straightforward designs, such as rectangular shaped decks. Although there are deck plans available for multi-level decks and decks with curved edges, most homeowners will be most successful choosing a plan that looks good and performs well without being overly complicated or expensive.

Building a new deck next to your home should not take all summer long, entail digging up your entire yard or force you to hire an engineer. Instead you should use simple, easy-to-follow deck plans that call for the use of durable materials and DIY-friendly products, and should show you how to build a quality looking deck in a relatively short amount of time.