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So you want to build a deckbut you don’t know where to start. Chances are, you’re not a professional.Actually, I’m willing to bet that if you picked up a hammer you’d think it waswrench. And admit it – you have no sense of creativity. In grade two, youpainted pictures of blue ducks and you do the same thing 30 years later. Well,if your looking for free advice, you’d be happy to know that free deck plansare available – if you know where to look.

The best places to look forfree deck plans are at construction company’s offices. Most constructioncompanies have portfolios of their work – actual pictures of what they’ve doneand what they offer. This is the best time to generate deck plans of your own.See what styles, shapes and sizes are out there and see if you can createsomething similar, or use the idea to expand and build a unique deck of yourown. Pictures provide the best free deck plans.

If you’ve exhausted thatoption and need something a little more detailed, check to see if you can finda company (even a hardware store) that puts out a newsletter, pamphlet, orwritten tutorial on how to build decks. These newsletters and flyers will alsohave free deck plans and options.

Keep in mind that we live inthe tech age, so you cannot overlook the value of the Internet. Search websitesfor testimonials, deck photos, and “how-to” pieces. These are all free deckplans available to you. Also, there is deck design software that you candownload. This is also generally free. See if you can find an online companythat offers free catalogues or brochures or tutorials that can be mailed oremailed to you. Free deck plans are easy to find, as long as keep an open mindas to what “free” means. You might overlook some free deck plans where younever thought of looking in the first place.