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Outdoor Deck

There is no better way toenhance the look and value of your property than building an outdoor deck. It can also be a fun hobby that will giveyou a sense of accomplishment when you are done.

Outdoor decks are actuallypretty easy to build in comparison to other home building projects. There is now plumbing, no wiring and limitedlighting. It actually probably theclosest thing to building with Popsicle sticks as there is in home improvement.

With that said, they stillrequire careful panning and organization. You should spend a couple weeks planning the size, shape color andmaterials before you hammer the first nail, or dig the first hole.

Try and keep these simplerules in mind when you begin planning.


The bigger the deck the moreexpensive the deck will be. There is no way around this. Just pan ahead and figure out how you cankeep these costs reasonable.Math:

Thisis a four-letter word for just about everybody. It’s worth doing though. Careful calculations will enable you to shave small costs at hundreds ofpoints. This all adds up to bettersavings.


Building a deck requires alot of tools. Try and borrow as many asyou can. Often you can do a lot ofimprovising with the tools you have if you are patient and have a little bit oftime. When you do buy material buy justa little less than what you think you will need. After the outdoor deck is almost complete you’ll know exactly howmuch more you will have to buy. If youhave leftover material you can’t get your money back.


Makesure you have an idea of the wind, rain and sun. All of these elements can ruin your time on your deck. If your area is windy, build a lower deckthat has plants or lattice to black the wind. Also, the sun can be punishing on you and the materials that make upyour deck. Be sure to provide someshade to extend the lifespan of your deck. Also, rain proof your deck as much as you can. IT WILL GET RAINED ON. This is a fact. An initialinvestment in some stain and treatment can save you a lot of money in the longrun.Integration;

Try and integrate your deckinto the style of your house, try and build stairs that resemble the stairs inyour house.