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Patio Designs

So you’ve decided to spruce up your backyard and put in a patio? Good idea! Backyard patios can turn a drab space of land into an inviting sanctuary. They can give you additional living space, especially if you add a patio enclosure, and drive up the value of your home. However, before you start building, you’re gong to need a patio design.

Patio Plans
When it comes to making patio designs, you need to know what you want from the space. Are you looking for a patio that will allow you to enjoy meals and conversation with friends and family? Do you prefer a more secluded patio that serves as a haven where you can enjoy some quiet moments? Or do you want to turn your backyard into a tranquil spa, complete with a hot tub and shady cabana or a pergola?

Brainstorm as many patio ideas as you can. Consult with other members of your household as to just what they want from the patio. Figuring out what you ultimately want from your patio will help you save time and money once construction starts.

When you do your patio design, remember that there is not just one kind of outdoor (or indoor) patio around. Here are some of the more common patio plans:

1. Open Patios: These patios are for sun-lovers. Built with minimal obstructions and away from trees, overhangs and anything else that can cause a shadow, an open patio will give you maximum exposure to the sun and air.

2. Patio Rooms: Also known as a sunroom, a patio room will give you all the sunlight you want without actually having to go outside. These patios can be used year round.

3. Covered Patio: If lots of sunshine is not quite your thing, then you’ll probably prefer a covered patio. Often built beside a home, these patios take advantage of extended eaves or some other type of overhang that offers some shade. To keep sun lovers happy, you can build part of your patio to extend past the shaded shelter. You can also add a patio screen to help keep the bugs out. This type of patio enclosure will let you enjoy your patio even when it’s raining out but is usually not ideal for year-round use.

4. Poolside Patio: For those who want to turn their backyard into their very own vacation resort, a poolside patio can provide you with a great place to sit and tan. You may even want to put in a patio bar for the ultimate in vacation enjoyment.

5. Retreat Patios: These patios are perfect for those looking for some privacy. Often built in amongst trees and other shrubbery, these patios sit away from the house (although you can always build a little path from the house to your secret hideway).

6. Entry Patios: Located at the front of your home, an entry patio is the complete opposite of a retreat patio. Because of where it is situated, an entry patio is a much more public space, great for those who like to talk with their neighbors.

Something to Think About
There are many things you need to consider when you are planning out your patio design. Firstly, just how many people will regularly be using the patio? The more you plan to use it and the greater number of people you plan to use it with, the bigger the patio you will need. And don’t forget to make the patio spacious. Being liberal with your dimensions will help you and your guests feel more comfortable when you are out on the patio.

In addition to being comfortable, choose materials and designs that will match the house. A stucco home with a concrete patio may not look as nice as one with a tiled patio. When picking out your patio flooring, choose materials that are low maintenance. As beautiful as some patio bricks and stones can be, if they’re high maintenance, you may find your patio growing less enjoyable every year.

If you plan on making your patio a DIY-project, then try to keep it simple. The more elaborate the plan, the more likely you’ll need to hire a professional, at least to get you started. Additionally, intricate patio designs can get to be expensive, so work within your abilities and space to help your budget go further.

Don’t Forget the Details
Planning a patio is not just about where it will go, but also what will go there. One of the major items is patio furniture. Just how big the furniture is and how many people it will seat will directly influence the size of your patio. Other items, like a patio bar or a patio fire pit, can change the overall feel of your patio. Even your patio doors can make a difference.

While sliding patio doors are very common, many people are starting to prefer French patio doors to give their backyard a more sophisticated feel. Getting just the right patio door for your backyard can help make your patio just that much better.

If you’re planning on putting in a lot of patio accessories, then consider adding one more to your list: a deck box. These handy little items will store all your patio furniture cushions, covers and what ever else you need to hide away neatly. A strategically placed deck box can even give you some extra seating on your patio.

Don’t feel confined to work with the traditional. Working with your land and coming up with innovative solutions that work for you will give your patio a more unique look. Use old materials that you have lying around the house. Don’t restrict yourself to square shapes; experiment with rounded and wavy edges – they may just fit in your space better. Your patio is for you to enjoy, so make it the best patio it can be!

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