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Patio Furniture

On warm summer days, there's nothing better than sitting in your backyard with a cool drink and a good book or perhaps sharing that drink with a few good friends. To make the most of your summer, and possibly even your spring and fall, invest in some outdoor patio furniture.

Patio Sets
If you have absolutely no patio furniture whatsoever, then the easiest way to remedy this is to purchase a patio set. Available in a variety of styles and prices, there's bound to be something that fits not only your budget but also the amount of space you have available. Patio sets come with patio chairs and a patio table. Some may even come with a patio umbrella. The number of chairs your set comes with can vary, from two to eight. Patio tables also vary in the number of people they can seat, so even if you have a very small patio or live in an apartment with a tiny balcony, there is bound to be a patio set that fits your home.

If you are looking for discount patio furniture, then you may want to wait for the end-of-season sales to start. While you may not have as much selection by this time, you can save a lot of money on your patio set or patio furniture. Alternatively, you can look around for wholesalers or manufacturers of patio furniture that will sell directly to the public. Because you cut out the middleman by buying directly from the manufacturer, you can often save yourself a bit of cash.

In addition to patio sets, patio furniture stores and manufacturers sell patio tables, patio chairs, patio umbrellas and a whole host of other patio accessories individually. If you already have some patio furniture, then buying just the pieces you need is a great way to upgrade your current outdoor furniture.

Buying your pieces separately also allows you to put together the exact set you want. Although patio sets are often sold at a lower cost than buying each piece individually, sometimes you just don't love every single piece of furniture in that set. Buying individual pieces of patio furniture lets you create the perfect patio set that you will love. And sometimes, that is worth the extra money.

Types of Patio Furniture
Nowadays, there is a vast array of styles and materials used to make patio furniture. Some of the more common materials used to make outdoor furniture include:

  • Plastic patio furniture
  • PVC patio furniture
  • Resin patio furniture
  • Wrought iron patio furniture
  • Aluminum and cast aluminum patio furniture
  • Wicker patio furniture
  • Teak wood patio furniture

For the low budget patio furniture shopper, plastic is usually the cheapest. However, it can also break easily and may need to be replaced on a regular basis. If you can afford it, buying a patio set made of a more durable material may be a good investment.

While wicker patio furniture adds a lovely country home feel to any backyard patio, it tends not to stand up to the elements too well. This type of furniture is best for enclosed patios or for those with some patio furniture covers that you can use when it rains.

Thanks to its light weight and resistance to rust, aluminum patio furniture is a very popular choice with many people. Wrought iron patio furniture is another common choice. However, it is not always the most comfortable piece of furniture to sit on. If you decide on buying a wrought iron patio set, make sure you buy lots of patio furniture cushions. Your bottom will thank you.

Wood Patio Furniture
Along with teak patio furniture, cedar outdoor furniture is showing up in more and more backyard patios. These sets tend to be very popular because they add a natural feel to any backyard. Cedar is especially known for its ability to maintain itself in all kinds of weather. It is also resistant to bacteria and fungus, which is why it is commonly used for hot tubs and saunas. Plus, this wood is almost as strong as oak, so you know your furniture will last for years to come.

Many people love teak patio outdoor furniture because it doesn't necessarily need any treatment to help protect it from the elements. While this can also be said for cedar, both types of wood will turn to a silvery-gray shade if they are not oiled once to three times a year. However, if you want your teak patio table to have a naturally aged look, then skip the oil. But it may be a good idea to purchase a patio furniture cover to give it some protection during the winter.

No matter where you live or how much space you have available, there is a patio set out there with your name on it.