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Vinyl Deck

When you think aboutbuilding a new deck the first material that pops into most owners minds iswood. However, wood has been the deckdefault setting for a long time. Manynew deck builders are surprising themselves buy investing in a new vinyl deckwhose advantages are many.

Firstly, vinyl is far moredurable than wood. If you live in atemperate climate where the temperature changes drastically over the course ofthe year, you know that this can greatly strain many materials.

After a couple of wintersand summer’s any wood deck owner knows that their investment begins to splitand splinter. This can make your decklook, well…ugly. It is also problematicif you wear bare feet on your deck. Whowants to get out of the pool after a relaxing swim only have to pull a two-inchsplinter out of their foot?

This leads to the secondbest feature of a vinyl deck. It doesnot absorb stains. So when your footstarts gushing blood, it will soak into a traditional wood deck causing anunsightly stain.

This does not happen with avinyl deck. Because it I an inorganicmaterial the composite makeup of polymers creates a tight seal that repelsstains.

That same compound makes foranother interesting feature. Mostpeople use their deck the most during hot weather. A wood deck will absorb this heat and transfer it to your footwith each step you take, very uncomfortable. A vinyl deck stays cool in the winter and warm in summer, making itperfect for sensitive feet.

Installing a vinyl deck isalso a lot easier than you think. Whilevinyl does require more synthetic joints and bolts, cutting vinyl to the sizeof your deck is just as easy as cutting wood. All you need is a rotary saw with serrated blade and you are ready togo.

Vinyl deck material can alsobe found in a variety of colors. Woodendecks basically come in one color…the color of wood (with some variationsdepending on what kind of wood and what kin of stain you use). Vinyl on the other hand is colored at thefactory. Therefore you can custom pickthe color of your deck to match your home or your landscaping scheme.

The only real drawback to avinyl deck is the initial outlay. Vinyldecks are more expensive than wood. However, you’ll make up that money with lower upkeep costs and it willlast three times as long as a traditional wood deck.