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Wood Deck

Wooden decks are by far themost popular decks built in North America. Wood is durable, reliable and versatile. Plus it just looks and feels far nicer than most other materials.

However, there are certainconsiderations you must keep in mind when you are building a wooden deck. Here is a step-by-step guide illustratingwhat you need to do.

Initially you should askyour family what kind of deck they want. There are several styles of decks with added features that could benefitevery member of your family. Is someonein your family a sunbather? You shouldadjust which direction your deck faces. Does another person burn if they are exposed to too much sun? You’ll want to make sure that where isplenty of shade.

What about privacy? It would be a shame to build your deck onlyto realize that it looks down into your neighbors yard. Especially if your neighbor sunbathes in thenude!

The wind can also be afactor. Trying to eat BBQ on a windydeck can be a real chore. Buildingsupplementary wooden lattice and barriers to your wooden decks can solve theseproblems fairly easily. They alsoprovide a great place to grow grapes, and as we all know. With grapes comes wine and with wine comes agood time.

Next thing you should do is checking out all of the local building code requirements. You may want a high deck, but if, for whatever reason that is against your areas building code you would have tostart from scratch.

Also, restrictions change from year to year, so just because your neighbor has a certain kind of deckdoesn’t mean that it is still legal to build a similar one.

First, Get building permits. You’ll need permits for allwood decks. When applying, you willneed to provide three sets of construction plans.

Three sites plans, includingthe size and shape of the site including distances from property lines.

The homeowner must also fillout the building permit, after sowing the appropriate ID.

Above all else though, make sure that your deck is built with pressure treated wood and stained accordingly. One or two years can COMPLETELY ruin an untreated deck. It would be like throwing cash down the toilet.