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Be A Closet Organizer

Far too often, when you're trying to get your home organized, you end up throwing a lot of items into a closet. Out of sight out of mind, right? In many homes, closets become the hiding place of all those items that you just can't bear to part with yet don't necessarily have a use for, either.

But once you open that closet, there is all that stuff confronting you and forcing you to shut the door again as quickly as possible. If you want to get organized, then start with your closets. Here are some closet organizing tips to help make that job a bit easier.

Getting Started
1. First impressions, even with closets, count. When you open your closet door and take a peek inside, what do you think? Is there too much stuff inside? Is everything strewn about? Do you have troubles finding items because there is no system to your storing? Your answers to these questions will help you determine just what the goal of your closet organizing is.

2. No matter what the ultimate goal of your closet cleanout is, you should always give your closet a good purge. As a general rule of thumb, any items that you have not used for at least a year should go. If there is an item that you simply forgot you had because you couldn't find it, and you think you will use it, then give yourself a deadline. If you haven't used the item within the next six months, it has to go.

3. If you are trying to re-designate the closet for a specific purpose, say a tool closet, then make a checklist of all the items that should be stored in there and find a new home for those items that don't belong there any more.

4. As you go through your items, sort them into three categories: items you would like to keep, items that have been "gently used" and can be donated, and a trash pile for those items that are either broken or too worn out to be used again.

Putting It All Back In
1. As you decide where things should be stored, try to group like items together. Keep items that are not at all related away from each other. Silverware and shoes should not be kept in the same closet. Put your silverware in a place close to your dining room, where it will be used - and your shoes will go with other clothing items.

2. Closet organizers are your best friend when it comes to getting your closet in shape. There are so many different types of closet storage systems available nowadays, it should be easy for you to find one that fits your space, budget and needs.

3. When choosing a closet organizer, go with one that is white. Not only will it give your closet a fresh, clean look, but it will help show off your items better, thereby making it easier to find things.

4. If you really want to utilize your space, then consider replacing your closet doors. Installing full swing or, at the very least, bifold closet doors instead of your sliding closet doors lets you hang shoe racks or other items on the backs of the door, giving you more space inside.

5. Putting in some closet lighting will also help make finding items much easier.

Keeping it Neat and Tidy
1. Baskets are a very handy way of storing items without creating more clutter. These can slide easily on and off your closet shelving, which makes putting items away (and finding them again) a snap. They are also a fantastic way to keep hard-to-store items, like purses, in one neat place.

2. Hangers can make all the difference to your clothes. Finding just the right ones will keep your clothes looking their best. Finding just the right sized hangers can also save you some space in your closet, since hanger sizes can vary.

3. When you are putting your clothes away, don't pack them in so tightly that you can't get them out again. Clothes need space, not only to breath but also to prevent wrinkles.

4. If you're a fan of keeping your shoes in their original boxes, consider buying some clear boxes instead so that you can actually see what your shoes look like. Better yet, purchase a hanging shoe rack that you can attach to the back of your closet door.