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Faux Painting: Color Wash

Color washing is a faux painting technique that offers a subtle, elegant look. The effect is light and airy but doesn't look too 'faux' or too antiqued. You'll get a gradual variation of color depending on what two colors you choose as coats.

First Step
A base coat is applied and then another color, made from a glaze mixture, is smoothed on top with a sponge. A feathering brush is then used to soften the effect of the glaze wash.

What You'll Need

    Faux Painting: Color Wash
  • step ladder
  • painter's masking tape
  • paint roller
  • feathering brush
  • latex paint for base coat
  • latex paint for glaze mixture
  • coffee filters or lint-free rags

Prep Work
Apply base coat of paint and let dry.

Color Wash Faux Painting Technique
Start by making the glaze mixture; one part paint to four parts glaze. Then apply the glaze to the walls using a sponge. Work in sections that are about an arms length wide. Sponge the glaze in circles, horizontal and vertical strips and other random patterns. Remember that you'll have to work fast to blend the wet edges.

The next step is to take your feathering brush and blend the glaze. This softens the texture, giving it that color wash look. Clean the brush on a rag every once in a while to prevent any paint build-up.

For a really classic, aged look, re-glaze the edges of the wall and smooth again with your feathering brush.

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