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Dragging : Faux Painting

Dragging : Faux Painting Dragging is a faux painting technique that is easy to do. Dragging uses a paint brush dragged over the freshly painted surface to slightly reveal the base coat color. The more subtle the difference in colors, the more subtle the dragging effect. For a louder set of walls, choose dramatic colors that are farther apart on the color wheel.

Dragging can be difficult if you're using the technique from floor to ceiling. It may be a good idea to use paint dragging from floor to chair rail.

What You'll Need

  • a long-bristled brush
  • base coat
  • top coat

Prep Work
Paint base coat and allow paint to dry.

Dragging Faux Painting Technique
Simply apply the paint and use a long-bristled brush to vertically drag through the paint. Use a rag to dab the paint brush on so it doesn't become saturated with paint.

Faux Painting Tips
Here's a great interior painting idea! Use dragging to paint timber tables, such as a kitchen table. This allows you to introduce accent colors into a room and means you don't have to commit to painting a wall. A luminous green kitchen table in a soft white or yellow painted room creates a really cozy, fresh effect! Alternately, painting your kitchen cabinets and then using dragging techniques also creates a very nice effect.

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