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Home Improvement: Easy Home Decor Tips

Does your place look tired and is it in need of a face lift? Are you short on time and money? Home improvement and home decorating do not necessarily have to stretch your wallet; there are many simple interior design ideas that you can easily do to get great results!

Perhaps all your room needs is some re-arranged furniture. Or how about using accents and accessories? Maybe some new window treatments are enought to spice up that room. Read some innovative ideas to help you transform a tired room without breaking the bank! And if you are trying to revive a small space, like a home office or a dorm room, then check out Small Space, Good Ideas for some easy and practical tips. If you really do want some new furniture, though, then consider buying a pre-loved item. From Second Hand to Prize Possession has some great tips on making someone else's junk into your own treasure.

Have you ever considered decorating with house plants? Plants are very beneficial for every homeowner; they help to purify the air quality and can add color and ambiance to a room. Flowering houseplants will brighten any living space, especially in the dark winter months.

Wondering which plants will flourish best in your sunny living room and where that amaryllis would be happiest? Read our story on Caring for House Plants.

Be aware, though, that some plants can pose risks if they are ingested or can even cause a reaction if they are touched. Consult our list of poisonous house plants to find out which ones should be placed out of reach of your children and pets.

Paint can go a long way when you are decorating on a tight budget. The question is, which colors go best in your dining room; and, should the baby's room be yellow? Here is a fascinating look at how the psychology of color and how color impacts our mood - and even our appetite.

Don't be shy when selecting paint colors. Color can evoke drama or intimacy; it can make a large room 'cozy' and a small room feel airy. Learn some great color tips so you can achieve a look that you'll love!

Like color, scents can also have a significant impact on our mood. Keep yourself feeling great while keeping your home smelling fresh with the tips featured in Home Scents.