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5 Top Home Improvement Projects For The Weekend

If you don't have the time or money for a major home improvement project, take a look at five projects that can each be completed in one weekend. For a small expenditure of time and money, you can dramatically improve your home.

Paint Up a Storm
  1. Painting. This is one of the most cost effective home improvement projects you can do, especially if you do the painting. If the prep work is minimal, you can paint one or two average size rooms in one weekend.
  2. The key is to carefully assess the condition of the walls and focus on rooms you can fix in two days. If you have significant plaster repair to do, then a weekend is unrealistic. Focus instead on rooms that need only minor repairs.

    When hiring a painting contractor, you may see more progress in a two day period than if you did the work yourself. (While many contractors do not work on the weekend, this gives you an example of what can be completed in a two-day period).

    Minor Bathroom Remodeling

    The bathroom is a small space and one filled with several weekend projects. Aside from painting, consider these two bathroom remodeling projects:

  3. Replacing the vanity and faucet. This project requires some carpentry and plumbing skills. Even a novice can complete this in one weekend, however. This assumes you are keeping the same size vanity and that there are no major plumbing issues to fix. Otherwise, consult with a contractor and determine if the timeline works.
  4. Retiling the floor or walls. This is a moderately challenging home improvement project for those who have never installed tile before. The key is to do all the measuring and planning ahead of time and have all the materials on hand by Friday evening.
  5. Home Improvement Details

  6. Replacing cabinet hardware. This can make a big difference in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. This home improvement project can be completed in a few hours, so feel free to spend Saturday shopping and Sunday installing.
  7. Add new lighting. This can dramatically improve the look and functionality of your home. Consider adding delicate pendant lights over an island, undercabinet lights in the kitchen, or a bold chandelier in the foyer. Whether you hire a contractor or do the work yourself, this is a relatively easy two-day project.

Many home improvement projects can be completed in a weekend. The key is to plan for the project during the week and buy all the supplies ahead of time so that you can avoid wasting time at a home improvement store on a busy Saturday morning.

If you can start the prep work project Friday night, you will be that much further ahead. After all, the goal is to be finished and somewhat relaxed by Sunday evening.