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Stippling : Faux Painting

Stippling is a subtractive finish, much like sponging off and ragging off. Basically, this means that you apply the glaze and then subtract it. However, this time you're taking paint off with a brush, not a rag or a sponge.

An Investment
A stippling brush can be expensive, but it's the only brush that will give you the results you want in your home. You can find a good stippling brush at your local hardware store or at Home Depot.

Stippling : Faux Painting What You'll Need

  • a step ladder
  • low-tack masking tape
  • semigloss base coat
  • glaze
  • top coat of paint
  • paint roller
  • stippling brush
  • rag

Prep Work
Paint the base coat and allow the paint time to dry. Put your masking tape up to protect door and window frames.

Stippling Faux Painting Technique
Stippling : Faux Painting Mix the paint and glaze; one part paint to four parts glaze. Roll on the paint. While it's still fresh, take your stippling brush and 'pounce' the brush on the wall. You want to feel the bristles kick back a bit when stippling.

Remove the extra glaze from the brush with a rag to prevent saturation with paint.

Happy stippling!

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