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Sunroom Design Ideas

A sunroom, or enclosed patio, in itself is a beautiful room in the house. A sunroom showcases the natural elements, bringing in beautiful natural light and the glory of your green garden. But how do you decorate the sunroom itself? Are there sunroom decorating tips that can make the most of your quiet retreat space?

Keep Colors Light
When it comes to choosing colors for your sunroom, keeping your colors light has several advantages. First, light colors maximize your sunroom's energy efficiency. The room will remain warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. A light color in your sunroom will also help integrate the natural elements outdoors into your home. Light colors will act as a neutral palette which you can easily add on to while circumventing that cluttered, disorganized design look. Creamy whites and soft yellows and greens work particularly well. You can even try some faux painting techniques, like ragging on a soft green color to add a bit of drama to the room.

Sunroom Design Ideas The Life Aquatic
Including the water element into your sunroom perfectly balances the sun element. Water also does its part to make your sunroom energy efficient. There are several ways you can incorporate water into your sunroom designs. One simple method is to purchase a small water fountain. The soft gurgle of the lapping water is enough to make your sunroom truly revitalizing.

Another way to bring water into your sunroom design is to make water container gardens. You'll need a barrel or a large enough glass container. This water container garden should aspire to house the aquatic plants frequently found in ponds. Plant the water container with lilies, water hydrangea and duckweed. Don't be worried if a little algae starts growing in your water garden. You can choose to purchase small gold fish to keep the algae population down and to liven up your water garden.

Organic Elements
Sunroom Design Ideas When it comes to sunroom furniture, organic elements is the choice for many homeowners. Wicker furniture, for example, adds that earthy and yet sophisticated look that makes a perfectly relaxing space. This is a theme you can easily carry throughout the room, incorporating bamboo blinds, a straw or bamboo floor mat or a small wooden table.

Following some of these suggestions will help you attain that personal sunroom space you've always wanted.

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