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Sunroom Furniture

Choosing Sunroom Furniture
The furniture you furnish your sunroom with will greatly impact the feeling and purpose of your sunroom. If you choose a plushy couch instead of wrought iron furniture, you're creating a living space where you can relax and retreat from life's worries. If you go with a powder-coated patio furniture set complete with chairs and table, you're creating a space for special occasions – perhaps an area where you enjoy barbeque lunches.

Think carefully about what kind of environment you want before choosing sunroom furniture. Here's a guide to some of your solarium furniture options and a look at what effects they might create.

Living Space Furniture
Sunroom Furniture Who says you can't move your living room couch or recliner chairs into your solarium? Your sunroom will become more a part of the house itself, while still retaining the aura of a refuge. Remember that you don't want a cluttered conservatory, so if you do bring a couch in, make sure there's plenty of room left in the solarium to walk around or to grow your favorite plants.

Patio Furniture
You have endless patio furniture options to choose from. Popular materials for patio furniture include wrought-iron furniture; plantation-grown wood such as teak, balau and jarrah; rattan furniture; wicker furniture; and powder-coated furniture that's resistant to the elements. Any of these choices will give your sunroom a quaint yet fresh look.

Remember that if you want to spend a lot of time in your sunroom, you'll have to get patio furniture that's comfortable to lounge in. Opting for patio furniture will also separate the sunroom more from the other living spaces in your home, making it a refreshing retreat from daily life.

Be creative and spend many happy days in your sunroom!

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