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Time, frequent use, moisture, heat and other elements can lead to a door that sags, sticks, warps and otherwise closes improperly. Doors that shrink or sag rob your home of insulation and result in higher energy bills. Such situations can also cause your lockset to fit awkwardly, resulting in doors that are hard to close, lock or keep shut.

Fixing the Problem
Unless your door is very badly warped (in which case it will need to be replaced), it can probably be repaired or at least improved. When you think of doors as being your primary barrier between you and the rest of the crazy world (or, if you’re an optimist, the beckoning gateway to your hospitality), having your door work dependably is a pretty reasonable and crucial expectation.

The Make of a Door
Aside from sliding, barn, garage or utility doors, doors have a fairly standard composition.

The box frame around the door itself is comprised of two vertical boundaries called the stiles. The stile that hosts the hole for the doorknob is the lock stile. The other sporting the hinges is (hold your breath, class) the hinge stile. The top and bottom borders are ingeniously named the top and bottom rails, just to keep things easy to remember.

The Door Frame
Supporting the door is the doorframe, whose major components include the casing, the hinges, the doorjamb, the doorstop and, finally, the threshold, which has been installed solely for all you newlyweds and heavy drinkers to trip on.

Sometimes the threshold is referred to as the "saddle," but not by anyone you’ll ever meet. Sort of like the terms used in middle school educational films for certain illicit drugs. Such nicknames may have been used once by a guy in Merton, Wisconsin and somehow remain as alternate choices. So we included it just in case you’re that guy in Merton. We want everyone to be happy.

Back to doors. Herein is a list of typical complaints and how to go about correcting them.

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