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3 major advantages of steel entry doors

Steel entry doors used to be exclusive to commercial and industrial buildings. But as more homeowners discover the benefits of this ironclad exterior entryway, steel entry doors are surging on the new construction and home improvement scenes.

What do they cost?

Steel entry doors run about $100 to $150 for a basic door without hardware. Expect to pay higher prices depending on customization and features, such as metal accents or a peephole. You can opt for a vinyl coating, which never needs painting, or a pre-painted layer that allows you to change colors at will. If you have an uncommon doorway size, they can be custom made to fit the largest openings.

Benefits of steel entry doors

If you're still not sold on steel entry doors for your new home or home renovation, there are a few distinct benefits of this door model that may help you to decide.

  1. Steel doors are secure. Next to a lower-level window, the most common entry method for home break-ins is the front door. Steel entry doors lead all other models with respect to security. There's very little chance that would-be thieves can compromise the composition of a properly installed steel door.
  2. Steel entry doors are durable. As you might expect, steel is one of the most durable, weather-resistant materials on the market. A pre-fabricated steel entry door comes in a gauge range of 16 to 26--the lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the door.
  3. Steel entry doors are energy-efficient. Steel entry doors are filled with a foam inner layer that serves to trap heat and cold inside for increased energy savings. Many homeowners find that steel entry doors pay for themselves in lower monthly utility bills.

Check with a local home improvement center or trusted contractor for their take on steel entry doors, including pricing and installation information.