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Replacing A Deadbolt

Replacing Your Deadbolt Is Easy
Replacing a deadbolt lockset is much easier than installing a new one, because the deadbolt holes have already been cut out for you. If the new deadbolt has a longer bolt assembly, you’ll have to deepen the mortise. You can deepen it with a chisel and a patient hand, but the best way is the bore out the hole with a drill and a 7/8-inch spade bit (or one that will fit inside the existing hole). You can also have good results using a Dremel tool and the appropriate wood boring or sanding bit.

Once you have your new lockset, you’re ready to replace the old one:

1. Take measurements of the new faceplate, including its width, length and depth, and chisel holes to enlarge them or fill in gaps with wood putty or shims as necessary to accommodate the new bolt. If the mortise needs deepening to accept the new bolt, drill or chisel to the appropriate depth, making sure you have a smooth bottom to accept the bolt evenly.
2. Insert the bolt assembly and install the cover. Next insert the cylinder assembly drive bar into the slot in the bolt assembly and secure the faceplate on the exterior door side.
3. Test the bolt to make sure it moves freely into the mortise. Once the width and depth are right, install the striker plate using 3- inch screws for added strength. To ensure that your locks are in top condition all year-round please consult our section: Latch And Lock Maintenance  
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