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Loose Door Hinges - Fixing Squeaky Hinges

If the door sags feels loose in the frame, simply tightening the hinges is often enough to set it right again. Open the door and examine the hinges. If you find any that are bent, they’ll need to be replaced. If you find dirt, paint or other buildup, you’ll want to clean or scrape it off the hinge. Tighten the hinge screws. If the screws don’t seat because they feel stripped or are installed within holes too large for them to grab hold, here are two ways to get them fitting tightly again:

1. Remove the hinge. Cut two dowels to fit the screw holes and coat them with wood glue. Drive them into the screw holes and allow to dry. If the dowels protrude, trim off the excess. Drill new pilot holes and secure the hinge with 3" wood screws.
2. If the door is lightweight, you may be able to bolster the screw hole by installing a wedge of glue-coated wooden toothpicks and driving new, longer screws into the packed screw hole.

If Your hinges are old you may also notice that the hinges are a little squeaky. If this is the case consult our section on how to silence a squeaky hinge.

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