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Repairing A Chandelier Arm

Replacing a full chandelier fixture is the same as Replacing a Standard Ceiling Fixture except it is a two-person job; make sure you have a helper to hold the fixture as you remove and install it, since chandeliers are cumbersome and heavy and can easily send you off balance, especially if you're on a ladder. Since they are so heavy, make sure that you install the mounting strap that comes with the fixture into a stud in the ceiling, not simply into plaster.

Often what happens with a chandelier is that one arm stops working while the rest lights up. In this case, you probably would prefer to repair it rather than replace it. The process is fairly simple.

1. Shut off the power at your breaker box and test to make sure the power is off.
2. Remove the bulb and the sleeve from the socket of the broken fixture arm.
3. Detach the wires from the socket's terminal screws.
4. Unscrew the socket. Take it with you to the hardware store so you can replace it with one that is identical in rating and size.
5. At the center of the chandelier facing down is the fixture's decorative cap, which is held in place by the cap nut. Unscrew the cap nut to release the cap and remove it.
6. Detach the wires from the chandelier arm from the main cord wires.
7. To thread the new wires into the chandelier arm, you will attach them to the old wires with electrical tape. Then pull the old wires through the arm as you pull out the old ones. Remove the tape and discard old wires.
8. Connect the black main core wire to the new black lead wire. Cap them with a plastic screw-on connector. Do the same with the white wires.
9. Replace the chandelier cap and secure with the cap nut. Replace the socket's decorative sleeve.
Repairing a Chandelier Arma. Repairing a Chandelier Armb.
Repairing a Chandelier Armc.


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