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Replacing a 120 240 Volt Outlet

These round, antiquated-looking outlets are specially designed for high-demand appliances such as oven ranges, clothes dryers and air conditioning units. They each have particular ratings, from 15-20 amps, 240 volts to 50 amps, 120/240 volts.

Disabling The Power
To disable the power to a 240 volt outlet, you will have to remove two fuses or a fuse block if you have a fuse breaker box, or flip the appropriate circuit breaker if you have a circuit breaker box. Because of the special nature of these outlets, it is important to test the receptacle to make sure the power is off before you proceed. When it doubt, simply disable the main switch and work using natural light or an adequate flashlight.

How To Replace The Outlet
Carefully pull the outlet out of the outlet box. You'll see a red, a white and a black wire. Before removing the wires from their individual ports, you should label each wire and each respective port with electrical tape marked A, B and C (white electrical tape is very handy for this purpose).

Take the outlet with you to the hardware store so you can be assured you'll find the same amp and voltage rating as the old one.

When you have the right replacement outlet, use the old one as a guide to remind you which wires go to what ports on the new receptacle. If the wire ends look worn, you may have to strip the wires before attaching the new outlet. Tighten the wires into place with a screwdriver, secure the outlet within the outlet box and replace the cover plate.