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Replacing A Socket

Sometimes the only work that needs to be done on a faulty appliance or fixture is to replace a faulty socket. Simply follow these steps:

1. At your breaker box, turn off the power to the area with the faulty socket. Test with a circuit tester to make sure the power is off.
2. Remove the light fixture (see Replacing a Standard Ceiling Fixture for instructions).
3. Remove the screw, ring or clip holding the socket in place. Disconnect the wires attached to the socket.
4. Take the socket with you to the hardware store so you can find one that is identical.
5. Connect the white circuit wire to the silver terminal screw on the socket.
6. Connect the black circuit wire to the brass terminal screw on the socket.
7. Install the socket in the fixture base and reassemble the fixture completely before restoring power.

If the socket is not the problem, you may need to replace the whole fixture. Here's how–replacing a standard ceiling fixture.

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