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Replacing A Standard Ceiling Fixture

Whatever type of overhead incandescent lighting you're replacing, the procedure will be about the same. It can be a one-person job unless the fixture is heavy, in which case you will need a helper to hold the fixture in place while you remove or install it.

1. Shut off the power at your breaker box.
2. Remove the bulb and the cap nuts to release the fixture base and expose the ceiling electrical box.
3. Test to make sure power is off using a circuit tester (See 4-b above).
4. Disconnect and remove the old fixture. If the wire leads coming out from the ceiling box look worn or dirty, strip the wires.
5. Attach the fixture's mounting strap. If the new fixture is heavier than 10 pounds, it is important to attach the mounting strap to a stud in the ceiling.
6. Connect the new fixture by twisting together the black circuit wire hanging from the box to the black lead wire from the fixture. Cap them with a plastic screw-on connector. Do the same with the white wires.
7. Attach the fixture base to the mounting strap.
8. Attach the fixture to the fixture base.
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