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Safety Guidelines

As a rule of thumb, always observe the following guidelines when working with anything electrical:


  • Always shut off power to any area before exposing or working wiring

  • Never work on the wiring inside your breaker box yourself–save it for a pro because these wires continue to be live, even with the main switch shut off

  • Once disabled, make sure there is no residual current still flowing to the circuit by using a circuit tester

  • Wear rubber-soled shoes

  • Use wood or fiberglass ladders only

  • Never work with wet hands, shoes or feet

  • If you must work in a wet area, lay dry wood boards over the wet area and keep feet dry and in rubber boots

  • When using electrical tools, cordless are best for outdoor projects. All tools should have handles insulated with plastic, rubber or foam.

  • Never touch metal while you work, including pipes, faucets, appliances, etc.
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