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Aluminum Fence

If you need to build a fence to protect your property or to secure your pool, there are some serious choices you have to make. These include how high you need the fence to be, what style of fence and most importantly, what material to use.

Fence Material
Wood is the traditional material. It provides a classic look with almost unlimited design options. The problem with wood however is that it is not very durable. Wood can rot and decay, causing dangerous splinters. Wood fences also provide little visibility.

Maintaining your wooden fence can also be a pain. Sanding, staining and painting have to be de-done every couple of years in order to prevent your property from looking like a haunted house.

This is why more and more homeowners are going the non-traditional route with a metal fence. While wrought iron fences have been around for a while, aluminum is quickly becoming the alloy of choice for property owners. It has an almost staggering list of advantages.

Benefits of Aluminum Fences
Aluminum components do not rust as easily as iron. Powder-coat finish protects the alloy while at the same time enhancing its appearance and making it easier to paint. All components are pre-outfitted or drilled prior to powder coating, thus giving you more options after you have purchased the fence. Components are put together using extremely attractive stainless steel fasteners and sturdy aluminum pop rivets thus keeping the fence secure. Panels are secured to the posts by bolting a bracket through each post providing penultimate stability and security.

A plethora of style choices, adornment options and picket tops allow for greater design flexibility and customization to match or complement the existing architecture of your house and your landscaping scheme. Gate components are welded to form a rigid aluminum frame that won't rust and will provide years of maintenance-free operation when used with special gate hardware.

It also meets municipal safety standards, especially if your fence is protecting a pool. 8' wide panels cut-down on installation time and labor. Posts, rails, and pickets are often larger than many regular types of residential aluminum fencing. Bigger posts and rails, and pickets give a sturdier fence and provide a more substantial appearance. Inside brace on the posts allows for at least 8' wide sections and increased fence durability. Most aluminum fences come with a lifetime warranty. You will rarely find this with a wooden fence.

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