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Cedar Fence - Cedar Fencing

Wood fences can't be made from any kind of wood: they need to be built with rot resistant materials, like pressure treated lumber or cedar. More specifically, cedar should be painted or stained. Staining the wood will give it a polished look and serve its main purpose...protecting your wood from decay.

Types of Cedar
Among the most popular kinds of cedar on the market are Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar. Western Red Cedar comes in a variety of sizes, grades and accents that may be added to create unique designs. If Western Red Cedar is left untreated or stained, the wood will weather to a silver-gray color.

What makes cedar so great for outdoor use is its dimensional stability. Because cedar easily takes to stains and paints, it can very conveniently be changed to match your home or property. Because of Western Red Cedar's strength, exquisite natural character and its exceptional ability to be transformed make it an excellent choice wood.

Much like its cousin – the Red Cedar – the Northern White Cedar comes in a wide variety of sizes and grades. The wood can be easily shaped and molded to create original designs. The Northern White Cedar's strength and stability makes this wood ideal for outdoor use. Like all cedars, Northern White Cedar readily accepts stains and paints, letting you match the fence to other buildings.

Rot Resistant Wood
Perhaps one of the most attractive qualities of cedar is the fact that it is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. It is because of this unparalleled resistance that so many people choose to use cedar for their fences and home siding as well as for furniture, especially outdoor furniture and other garden items. Cedar is an exceptionally light wood that won't shrink or warp like many other woods do.

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