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Chain Link Fence

We all know the chain link fence. It's the fence that kept us from running off school grounds into traffic. It surrounds our tennis courts, our basketball courts and it keeps us safe. Why then does the chain link fence get no love?

Ask a landscaper what they think of chain link fences and they will undoubtedly grimace before uttering some pejorative comment. But really, let's take a closer look at the chain link fence.

If you want an unobstructed view, the chain link fence is perfect. It is virtually see through. Other fence builders will toil and ponder the best way to increase visibility with picket fences when one chain link fence is all they need.

Blends Into the Environment
The chain link fence can also be modified to blend into its environment. Do you have a lush green yard? A rust proof rubber coating can easily be purchased with your fence that will not only extend the life of the chain link fence, but will also blend the fence seamlessly with your lawn.

If you aren't protecting a lawn, maybe you need it to blend in with a concrete parking lot. No problem there, the rubber coating can be found in any color you want.

If you are looking for durability, you can't go wrong with a chain link. Just think about all of those times when you were a child running around. If you needed to hop a chain link fence, you wouldn't even think twice about it. You would just slip your toes between the links and over you would go.And the fence wouldn't break; it would just bend. This is a testament to the durability of the chain link fence.

However, the best feature of the chain link fence is the price. Easily one of the cheapest fences on the market, you can protect large areas of property from animals and intruders for a fraction of the cost of a wooden or iron fence.

You will want to make sure that you have proper zoning when you install the fence. Some municipalities do not allow fences that are too high, so you should consult city hall. With that said, the chain link fence can often get around many of the city by-laws pertaining to fences.

Because it is virtually see through, it is a great fence for a corner lot. It will prevent people from taking those all to tempting 'short cuts' and it will not hamper the visibility of passing cars.

So embrace the chain link fence - it rules!