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Fence Designs - Fencing Designs

Questions to Ask Yourself
Designing a fence depends a great deal on the person building it. The first question to ask (one that is often overlooked) is "how long do I plan to stay living in my home?"

This is a crucial question when it comes to fence design, home renovation and landscape design. If you will be living in the same house until you are withered, old and gray, then you can build a fence with almost any design that suits your fancy.

However, many of you will be moving out of your house, which means putting your home up for sale. Because your property extends to the perimeter of your lot, your fence is included in the real estate and value of your home. You'll want to design a fence that will add value to your home sometime down the road.

All Things Considered
Fence Designs - Fencing Designs There are a few other aspects of fence design that you should consider. First off, try and compliment the style of your fence with your house. Modern house styles are complimented nicely with the sleek lines of iron and aluminum fences. By contrast, split rail fences and other fence design marked by rugged wooden posts and rails have long been a favorite with ranch-style houses. Likewise, the wooden picket fence seems a natural companion to traditional cottages.

Speaking of cottages, wooden picket fences also evoke images of English cottage gardens, which leads us into the component of the question that deals with landscaping compatibility. Not only wooden picket fences, but also split rail fences and other fence design comprising just posts and rails are commonly used as backdrops for landscaping plants. Playing on their Western ties, split rail fences are especially attractive for landscapes with a Southwest theme, such as gardens with cacti.

Incidentally, even wooden picket fences, to say nothing of solid barrier fences, can create "microclimates" in a garden. Only a "loose and airy" fence design such as that of split rail fences fails to create microclimates.

You might also want to consider fences within fences, like pool fences or garden fences. The number and styles of fences to choose from is quite large. For more information on measurements and other styles, visit your home hardware store for suggestions.

Some popular fence designs include: vinyl fences, wrought iron fences, rod iron fences, cast iron fences, lattice fences, privacy fences, pool fences, picket fences, bamboo fences, aluminum fences, electric fences, invisible fences, split rail fences and safety fences.

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