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Garden Fence

A fence is a fence right? Right! But a fence that is a garden fence can also be a garden in and of itself, with life crawling all over it.

Protect Your Investment
Many garden owners build fences around their property to protect their investment. With all the hours of you've spent toiling away, getting rid of weeds, your garden really is a worthy investment. There is also the investment of money. Anyone who has imported tulips from some place in the "old world" probably knows that it isn't a cheap thing to do.

A good solution is to build a garden fence. Keep little children away from your precious creation. A stray baseball or bicycle could ruin everything you have worked for. You have put too much soul into that soil and spilled too much blood from your green thumb simply to have some little urchin uproot your vision.

Building Your Garden Up
A garden fence can also be a lateral extension of your garden. By planting vines, and leading them upwards, you can create a textured green wall that will be home to birds and other beautiful beasts.

Vines, if planted correctly, can also produce grapes.

Choosing The Right Material
When choosing a material for your garden fence, you have two basic options. A wooden fence will give your garden a rustic look that is both timeless and traditional. It is also a better surface for growing plants on. Many of the metal alloy fences are powder coated. Plants have a harder time adjusting to these surfaces.

Remember that wooden fences also have to be stained. You are going to be watering your garden, so the fence is going to have to stand up against the elements. Chances are you are going to have to re-stain your fence once every two years. Doesn't sound like fun does it?

Iron and aluminum fences on the other hand, last just about forever. They require little maintenance, are easier to paint than wooden fences and they are stronger. While a stray bicycle or baseball may damage your wooden fence, the iron fence would damage them back.

No matter what you do, make sure that your garden fence is a logical extension of your character, the character of your family and the appearance of your home.

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