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Home Improvement: Kinds of Fencing

Fences are as old as the home itself. Ever since man settled down, the concept of boundaries and privacy has been in place. Originally, fences were purely functional: they kept animals either in or out (often both, due to agriculture), they acted as security for your property, and they delineated the size of your land.

Fences As Architectural Features
Fencing isn't purely functional anymore. Today, fences are often used as decorative features and can lend style and sophistication to any property. Fences are often used as focal points in gardens, and to delineate separate physical spaces on a property.

One highly sought after benefit of fencing is the security that it provides. A fence can act as a deterrent to intruders and even unwanted animals.

Though fences provide good security, they are not as efficient as a wall system at deterring unwanted intruders and providing privacy. Walls provide added strength and security, and offer complete privacy. Fences however, are often constructed with gaps between individual components, allowing the fenced area to be seen from the outside. Fences are less expensive than walls though, and the installation process is much easier.

Home Improvement: Kinds of Fencing Privacy Fences
For a very modern look with a secure feel, privacy fences are the main choice. If you don't want to exclude your neighbors from sight or conversation, but would still like some time to yourself, a semi-privacy fence is just as good.

Still, there are the classics: white picket fences (made from either cedar or vinyl), wrought iron fences for a more stately atmosphere, or an ancient bamboo fence to compliment your Feng-Shui landscape.

The list goes on from aluminum fences, to wire fences to chain link fences. Browse online or check with your local hardware store for styles, kinds and designs.

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