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Lattice Fence

For a sense of privacy, look to build a privacy fence, or better yet, a semi-privacy fence. The best semi-privacy fences are lattice fences, because you can build your fence high and still be able to have contact with your neighbors.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Lattice Fences
Lattice fences are characterized by their crisscrossed pattern made from strips of wood, wood-look vinyl or other material. Because of this pattern, lattice fencing usually appears to be more open although it still offers a fair amount of privacy. For this reason, many people use lattice designs as toppers on their solid, full coverage fences.

Lattice fences provide you with everything standard privacy fences offer, but with an added touch of class. You can get lattice fencing in wood or vinyl.

Lattice Fence Materials
Thanks to the wide range of wood fencing materials available today, the only thing limiting you is your imagination. Before you buy your materials, make sure that you've looked at all the fence possibilities. The best types of fences are those that completely complement your home.

Lattice fences are among the most popular styles. You can grow vines on your lattice fence to add a further decorative touch.

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