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Privacy Fence

You value your family's safety and protection, which is why you installed a home security system. To ensure that you family stays protected, as well as has some privacy from prying eyes, you may also want to consider installing a privacy fence. Privacy fences don't just keep things out of your property, but they also keep things in: like children and pets.

Many people build privacy fences around a lot where a garden is in place. But often, privacy fences present design problems due to their large size. Keep things simple. Don't try to build an awkward shape for your border plan – stick to square and rectangular designs if you can.

If you don't want to give the impression that you are trying to keep your neighbors out, try asking if they'd be interested in the installation of a shared privacy fence. This will help you cut down on some costs without burning bridges or seeming snobbish.

There are many designs and styles from wooden lattice fences to vinyl arch and picket topper fences. And while privacy fences are aesthetically pleasing, they are also quite helpful in reducing noise, especially with added greenery around the base and other areas of your privacy fence.

Living Privacy Fence
If you want to have a different look, try planting a living privacy fence. A living privacy fence can be one of many plant types. Among the most popular are shrubs and hedges, but you can also have a living privacy fence made up of evergreen trees or a wild bush.

Nonetheless, planting a "living wall" privacy fence is often preferable to building a masonry wall or wooden or vinyl fence. Privacy screens composed of plants enjoy a number of advantages over their hardscape counterparts, including:

  • Cost
  • The stunning attractiveness not only in terms of color but also form and texture
  • For some living privacy screens, the ability to change color and appearance with season.
  • If you plant fruit shrubs, they can provide you with food as well as attract birds
  • Your shrubs can become works of art thanks to professional pruning and trims
  • Living fences are often not subject to the same zoning restrictions that hardscape walls are

If you're planning on going with a wooden or vinyl privacy fence, check with your local hardware store, and if you prefer, purchase fence sections and build section by section. This will save you a lot of time as opposed to working from scratch.

When privacy and protection is a high priority for you and your family, it just makes sense to have a privacy fence.