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Safety Fence

Safety fences, while a very broad term that could be used to define almost any fence, are generally used to protect young children from falling into swimming pools. Obviously these are a great idea. Too many children die each year from pool related drowning.

Pool Safety Fences
The mechanics of the pool safety fence are easy enough to understand. But the capabilities of youngsters, that's a different story. Anyone who has had a child will tell you that it is almost unbelievable how fast their children can go from rolling to crawling to walking to running.

Therefore, you need a fence that can protect your child from his or her own boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Pool Alarm
Many products have hit the market that prevent small children from gaining access to the pool area. One of these is the pool alarm. A sensor detects any small disturbances in the water. So if your child falls in, an alarm goes off.

This is not necessarily the best method. Pool accidents always seem to happen when you think everything is under control. You could forget to set the alarm, or even not hear it because of a washing machine or shower. It also doesn't prevent your child from falling into the pool and banging his or her little head.

A Safety Fence is Your Best Bet
A safety fence is by far your best option. While it may make your pool look a little strange, it is a well worth it. And after all it's only for a couple years until your child learns how to swim.

The lean and lightweight mesh fence is almost completely transparent so you can see what is going on in the pool. The fence must be at least 48" high. You can purchase one for any size pool and the separate panels, connected by lightweight clasps, are easily removable for when company comes over.

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