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Wire Fence - Wire Fencing

Current Wire Fences
Wire fencing is a popular alternative for people with larger properties or pastures that they wish to enclose. A variety of different wires can be used with wire fences. The most popular types of wires for fencing use are woven and barbed wires. A sturdy fence can be constructed out of these wires, or types of wires can be combined to achieve a particular effect.

If you plan to use wire fencing on your property, it is important to safeguard the wires against nature's elements. In order to protect wires from the wind, rain, and cold, most wires sold today are galvanized. The thicker the galvanized coating on the wires the better the degree of protection. To provide a superior level of protection against the elements, look for an aluminum-coated wire. An aluminum coating can provide 3 to 5 times the protection against corrosion that a galvanized coating can.

Depending upon which type of wire you choose, a number of different fencing styles can be created. By combining barbed wire with woven wire you can protect against breakage caused by large animals and the invasion of small animals onto a pasture. The type of wire you choose for your fence should depend on your needs, including:


  • The amount of money you want to invest.
  • The types of animals you wish to pasture.
  • Your familiarity with the product.
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