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Landscape Design: Wood Fencing

The wood fence is a classic addition to any home. Wood fences are fixtures in American culture, traditionally a symbol of family togetherness and solidarity. The function of wood combined with the beauty of its grain makes it an excellent choice for any homeowner. A properly designed wood fence is a pleasure to look at and it becomes as much a part of the landscape of your home as the land itself.

Wood Fencing Adds to Your Home's Value
Choosing the right wood fence for you home will provide you with years of satisfaction. Wood fencing is durable and performs a purpose but at the same time, lends a beautiful look to your home. This will be reflected in your home's overall value. Remember to keep in mind your own particular needs and style when looking for the right wood fence. There are hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, so take your time to be sure to get the one you want.

Wood fences are a popular choice among homeowners. Wood is affordable, readily available, and can be used in a variety of climates. Wood is also an easy-to-use material for even the most unsuccessful do-it-yourselfer. Wood is available in its natural form, so homeowners can paint or stain their fence in any colour they choose. Wood can also be treated and allowed to age naturally, with beautiful results.

Make Sure You Use Steel Posts
The biggest problem facing purchasers of wood fences is the failure of the posts used to put the fencing up. To install a wood fence, use high quality, corrosion-resistant steel posts. Wood fences should not come into contact with the ground. Try to use softwoods that are rot-resistant, such as redwood and cedar, or be sure to buy pressure treated lumber.

To ensure that your wood fence lasts for a long time to come, use galvanized aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. And in order to ensure that your fence looks beautiful, make sure you learn about proper installation.

Choose Quality Boards
Before you build, make sure you choose boards that look pleasing to the eye. The grade of the wood you use will make a huge difference to the ultimate result. Learn about the various grading specifications and standards to help you choose a quality product specific to your needs.

Wood fencing provides homeowners with a chance to have both substance and style. Wood fencing can be just as decorative as other alternatives - it doesn't have to be boring. Fences can be scalloped or arched, and topped with decorative caps. There are a number of pickets to choose from as well as arbors, pergolas, and trellis's which can be designed to match your fencing system. See details on how to build a fence.