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Carpet Cleaning Equipment And Machines

So, you've invested in a gorgeous carpet that perfectly complements the room and feels great under your bare feet. Do you really want to let this incredible investment fall victim to dirt, dry soil and oily soil that wears your carpet down, ages it, and gives it a less-than-pleasant odor? Chances are, you'd much rather have your carpet looking and smelling as clean and fresh as the day you brought it home. To make sure your carpet stays in top condition, however, you'll have to make another investment: carpet cleaning equipment to keep your carpet looking good as new.

Regular Vacuums
When we think of carpet cleaning equipment or carpet cleaning machines, most of us automatically think of a common vacuum cleaner. And rightfully so: a vacuum cleaner is essential for removing dry soil from a carpet. Things like mud, crumbs and other food debris, and other bits of garbage can all get sucked away quickly and easily using this type of carpet cleaning equipment.

The Need For Carpet Cleaning Equipment
However, dry soil isn't the only type of debris carpet owners have to fear. Oily, sticky soil can result from a build up of cooking vapors, air pollution, and tracked-in dirt from outside. Oily soil particle deposit causes gradual but dangerous decay. If your carpet is light or bright in color, for example, oily soil buildup can dull it considerably by veiling the carpet under a disgusting oily film. This film eventually attracts and holds dry soil particles, too. You need to find an effecient and reliable carpet cleaning machine.

Research Carpet Cleaning Equipment First
Choosing the proper types of carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning machines can be a difficult task. It's imperative that you do your research. Not all carpet cleaning machines are made of the same quality. Some systems leave residues, which only inspire more soil buildup–which defeats the purpose of having cleaned your carpet in the first place!

The best type of carpet cleaning equipment when it comes to oily soil removal is the Hot Water Extraction System, which allows for steam cleaning. (Note that no steam is actually produced from this system). This carpet cleaning machine sprays a solution of water and detergent into carpet, then uses a powerful vacuum to suck back the water and soil into a holding tank. This cleaning process can be performed from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and wand brought into the home. If a truck-mounted unit cannot reach the area to be cleaned, you can buy or rent a portable, self-contained system to bring into the home.

Where Can You Get A Carpet Cleaner?
Carpet cleaning equipment can be rented, but the most heavy-duty stuff is available from professional carpet cleaners. It's worthwhile to enlist the help of a professional because their expertise will ensure your carpet can go longer between cleanings.

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