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Carpet Cleaning Services

Reasons To Get A Carpet Cleaning Service
Finding the right carpet cleaning service is actually really, really easy. Finding a good home cleaning service: hard. Finding a good landscaper: hard. Finding someone who can clean your carpets...easy!

Really, when you think about it, cleaning carpets isn't all that hard if you are trained and have the right tools. It's also a good thing to get a professional, seeing as your carpet is such a huge investment.

It's also the last line of defense for dirt. Really, when you think about it, anything that does not land on your furniture lands on the floor. Truly a cornucopia of filth!

What To Expect From A Carpet Cleaning Service

If you want to get your carpet cleaned, you are in a pretty good position. The competition in the carpet cleaning industry is fierce, so there are many different companies competing for your business. As a consumer this is good.

So in this market, it is important to know what you should expect from these companies for your hard earned money. The following is a brief list of absolutes in the carpet cleaning industry. If the company cannot provide all of these options, you may want to move on to another one.

Here are some services you can expect to get from a carpet cleaning service.

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Up-Front Pricing
This may seem obvious but you have to make sure that you are aware of every cost. Often a dodgy company will do half the job, then ask for more money. You have little choice but to pay up.

No Hidden Costs
Hidden costs are also one of the ways that carpet owners get burned. So watch out, and be sure to read the contract very carefully. Often the major companies are the worst for this infraction. That's how they claim to have the lowest prices.

Try and see if they have a guarantee. Most reputable places will, and if they don't have one, ask them to make one up for you. Any company that will not do this doesn't believe in their work anyway.

Range of Products
If you are interested in having more than your carpets cleaned, many carpet cleaning services will offer other services. This means that no matter what the job, they should be able to do it. They should have all the equipment for proper dry cleaning, wet cleaning. They should be able to clean delicate Persian rugs, and old shag rugs from the sixties. If they claim that they don't have the tools for the job, then they probably are either specialists or rank amateurs. You'll have to use your judgment here, but don't be afraid to know that you could do better.

Friendly Service
Because the competition is so fierce, customer service is a large part of attracting customers to the industry. It is really hard to find an unhappy carpet cleaner. It is a good job that pays well. A friendly carpet cleaner will allow for flexibility in your schedule and your needs, as long as you treat him with respect. Also, if you are a repeat customer, you'll begin to notice some of the fringe benefits of being a preferred customer.

Environmentally Safe
This may not be a concern for all, but if you do love the planet (as you should), you should make sure that your carpet cleaner does as well. The carpet cleaning industry is known for using all sorts of chemicals. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good. If they use chemicals that are environmentally friendly, that means that they will have less of an impact on your environment–your home. It also means that there is less of a chance of having an allergic reaction to a chemical compound.

Finally we come to price. Shop around and get a good deal. There are plenty of places in town offering the same service and it should be no problem to find a good one at a great price.

Some Additional Services

  • Expert Carpet Cleaning
  • Water and Fire Restoration
  • Guaranteed Spot & Stain Removal
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Odor Removal
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Scotchgard Overspray Protection
  • Carpet Dyeing, Tinting & Spot Dyeing
  • Ceiling Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning (in select areas)

What Are Their Rates (Carpet Cleaning Services)

There are no hard and fast rules that determine how much a carpet cleaning will cost. However, there are some guidelines that you should know, to make sure that you are not getting ripped off. For instance, the larger the sq. ft. the cheaper is should be per sq. ft.

Up to 500
30 cent
501 to 750
27 cent
751 to 1000
25 cent
1001 to 1500
20 cent
1501 to 2500
17 cent
2501 to 5000
15 cent
5001 to 10000
10 cent
10001 to 40000
9 cent
40001 to 50000
8 cent
50001 to 999999 7 cent

There may also be certain different prices for individual rooms in the home.

For instance:

  • 1 Room -$79.00
  • 2 Rooms-$89.00
  • Additional Rooms-$30.00
  • Hallways-$25.00
  • Steps-$2.25 per step
  • Area rugs- $40.00
  • Basement-$99.00

Of course this is just a sample and you may be able to work out a different arrangement with your carpet cleaner. Also, many carpet cleaners have the tools to lean upholstery, so if you need some upholstery cleaned it might be a good idea to get it all done in one fell swoop.

Sometimes they will charge:

  • $79.00 for a sofa
  • $69.00 for a love seat
  • $35.00 for an arm chair
  • $3.00 each for sofa cushions
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