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Carpet Cleaning Solutions

A carpet cleaning solution that kills odors is something that we are all searching for. We’ve heard all of the suggestions from all of the sources: Infomercials, friends, retailers. And all we’ve realized is that there is no solution that is the perfect carpet cleaning solution.

Here are some tips. The best method may be to try experimenting for a while. Do not try more radical methods first though. Your carpet is a big investment and to ruin it in a half-assed attempt to save a couple bucks would be a real shame.

Ammonia is the all purpose cleaner. You will probably find that no matter what you are cleaning someone somewhere will suggest ammonia. This isn’t bad advice really. Ammonia can be a great cleaner, as long as you use it sparingly and you take precautions. For instance, be sure to open all of the windows when you are cleaning. Also, be sure that your pets aren’t exposed to the solution. It could disrupt their…housetraining.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is probably your best bet. If you want to save money, save the environment and get rid of odors and stains, use baking soda when carpet cleaning. Sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet and mist the area with hot water. If it's a really tough stain or odor, apply a lot of baking soda and scrub with a stiff brush. Leave the baking soda on to soak and work it's magic, then vacuum it. Rinse the area with water and use the wet vacuum to drink up the water.

Elbow Grease
The problem that most people encounter when they have a carpet is that they only clean it once a year so they have no choice but to rent a carpet cleaner. However, a mixture of ammonia and water, with a little vinegar can make all the difference if you clean it once a month. Most of us have better things to do with out time, even doing this once a season will go a long way to keeping your carpet looking new.

Club Soda and Salt for Stain Removal
This is the tried and true, old wives tale carpet cleaning solution that has rendered the best result over the years. It is cheap and safe and it works. All you have to so crush some salt into the stain and add club soda. Come back in an hour and vacuum, then rinse and your stain will be gone!

Bonnet (Dry Cleaning)
Again, this is not dry cleaning in its most strict sense. Often this is a cleaning product that is mixed in with carbonated water (club soda does it again). This mixture is then deposited onto the carpet in the form of a light spray of a mist. After this a round buffer is then used to scrub the carpet in a rotating fashion. The cleaning mixture and the carbonation work in tandem to lift of particles.

The only real drawback to this method is that it often takes a long time to clean and that it usually only cleans the top one third of the carpet. This is perfect if the carpet has no sentimental value, and you are just looking for a quick cleaning solution. However, if you want to get down to those smells and deep down grime you are going to need to find another solution.

Clothing Detergent
One carpet cleaning solution, and this one is my favorite, is using simple laundry detergent. When you think about it, if it can get wine and bile out of a tuxedo, it can get spaghetti sauce out of your carpet. It also smells nice. Just watch out for static cling!

Yeah sometimes water is all you need. Do not be surprised if all it takes to remove a stain is water. This of course depends on the stain. For instance you will never get grease or oil out of a carpet with water. If the offending stain is organic in nature, like say grass, water will get right to the satin and remove it.

If you have a great carpet cleaning solution tip, share it with others in our Floors forum or go in search of more information on carpet cleaning solutins that work.