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Carpet Installation Made Easy

Although some carpet installation projects require a professional, someone with moderate home improvement skills can probably handle a one-piece tacked carpet installation without much fuss. You can rent the needed tools and expect that the job will take several hours.

Step-by-step carpet installation:

  1. Measure the room you'll be carpeting.
  2. Cut the carpet with a razor knife so that it is about 6 inches longer and wider than your room.
  3. Install tack strips (several rows of closely spaced tacks that face upward) around the perimeter of the room, attaching them to the sub-floor about 1/2-inch away from each wall.
  4. Place a carpet pad on top of the sub-floor, securing the pad with staples every 12 inches or so.
  5. Position the carpet. Starting near one corner of the room, attach one side of the carpet to the tack strips using a knee kicker and a stair tool. The stair tool helps tuck the carpet between the tack strip and the wall, while the knee kicker is used to push the carpet in place over the tack strips.
  6. Stretch the carpet using a power stretcher to attach the carpet to the tack strips near the opposite corner of the room. Repeat for all four corners, using the stair tool and the knee kicker to hook the carpet in place along each wall.
  7. Trim the excess carpet with a razor knife or wall trimmer once the carpet is attached to the tack strips on all four walls.

If your carpet installation job is in a large room that requires seams or if you are installing Berber or patterned carpet, then you should probably hire a professional. Some carpet showrooms charge as little as $100 for installation when you purchase the carpet from their store.