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Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are three different carpet cleaning methods that can be considered dry carpet cleaning. While whether you consider these techniques dry, will be up to you. However, they all work to varying degrees on different types of carpets and you should do a little experimenting before you go crazy on your carpets.

Dry Foam
Dry foam is very similar to the shampooing motion that has existed for a long time. It still requires that you do a lot of scrubbing and that you do so in a strong circular manner. The major difference is that with dry foam you do not have to wit for any drying. Often the bubbles will gradually disappear, so there is very little residue left over to deal with. Many Dry foam carpet cleaning systems will have their own built in vacuum to deal with any leftovers. This is one that ma not fit the classic definition of dry cleaning, but is a pretty effective way to clean your carpets.

Bonnet (Dry Cleaning)
Again, this is not dry cleaning in its most strict sense. Often this is a cleaning product that is mixed in with carbonated water (club soda does it again). This mixture is then deposited onto the carpet in the form of a light spray of a mist. After this, a round buffer is then used to scrub the carpet in a rotating fashion. The cleaning mixture and the carbonation work in tandem to lift of particles.

The only real drawback to this method is that it often takes a long time to clean and that it usually only cleans the top one third of the carpet. This is perfect if the carpet has no sentimental value, and you are just looking for a quick cleaning solution. However, if you want to get down to those smells and deep down grime you are going to need to find another solution.

Dry Powder
This is a very interesting method. Often a dry powder (sometimes small powdered corn cobs) is mixed with a cleaning solution. This mixture is then spread out evenly over the carpet. A round or cylindrical brush is then used to scrub the powder into the carpet where dirt and grime is attracted to it.

The powder is then vacuumed off and before you know it you will be able to walk on the carpet. There is no drying time here at all.

However, much like the Bonnet method, you will probably only clean the top third of the carpet. Just keep this in mind, that this is a great way to do a quick effective cleaning before company comes over, but you still may need, a wet cleaning at some point.

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